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Text for entry 9


Transcription for entry 9

Eod die  [20 December 1550]
In ane actione persewit be ane Frenchman agains Jon Davidsone in the ferrie for spoliatione fra him of 40 tunne of wine upon the sea the lybell being admittit to his probatione and commissione direct to certaine judges in france for receaveng of the witnes aithes and depositiones It was desyrit be the said Johns procurators that he might have cautione for his expenses in caice the pursuer provit not his intent becaus it behovit him to mak great expensis in passing to France to sie the witnes suorne and giveing in of interrogatories quhilk desyre was repellit.

Line 1
   Eod     die      In       ane          actione               persewit                 be      ane       Frenchman                  agains           Jon      Davidsone   in
Line 2
  the   ferrie             for      spoiliatione                 fra         him       of           40         tunne       of       wine           upon         the sea
Line 3
                                                      the           lybell           being         admittit                to      his     probatione               and
Line 4
   commissione           direct                to     certaine                 judges             in     france              for        receaveng            of
Line 5
  the       witnes           aithes          and        depositiones                       It         was         desyrit               be      the   said Johns
Line 6
   pro[curator]s t[ha]t he myht            have       cautione              for        his        expenses               in       caice         the     pursuer
Line 7
  provit              not      his       intent               becaus                  it      behovit             him       to    mak         great        expensis
Line 8
    in      passing               to     France                to    sie      the      witnes            suorne             and         giveing                in  of
Line 9
   interrogatories                 quhilk       desyre              was       repellit


Robert Sutherland (transcription and notes)


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