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The Gothic Revival and Design

William Henry Pyne: The History of the Royal Residences

(London: 1819) Sp Coll f327-329


Windsor Castle: Choir of St. George's Chapel
C. Wild delt; T. Sutherland sculp.
(From Vol. 1: Pub. Dec. 1 1818 by W. H. Pyne, 9 Nassau Street, Soho)

The choir ... was built by Edward III but much enlarged and improved by Edward IV. It was also improved by Henry VII and succeeding sovereigns; and is materially indebted for its present magnificent appearance to our present venerable and revered monarch. It is divided from the body of the chapel at the west end by a screen of Coade's artificial stone, over which is the organ gallery. The pillars and groined roof of this screen are in perfect harmony of design with the rest of the chapel, and are embellished with devices of the present sovereign and knights companions (pp.180-181).

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