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The Gothic Revival and Design

Augustus Welby Pugin: An Apology for the Revival of Christian Architecture in England
London: 1843 Sp Coll Euing BG44-c.2

The Present Revival of Christian Architecture

1. St George's, London. 2. St Peter's, Woolwich. 3. St. Marie's, Stockton. 4. St Giles's, Cheadle. 5. St Marie's, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 6. North Gate, St Marie's, Oscott. 7. St Austin's, Kenilworth. 8. Jesus Chapel, Pomfret. 9. Cathedral, Killarney. 10. St Chad's, Birmingham. 11. St Oswald's, Liverpool. 12. Holy Cross, Kirkham. 13. St Barnabas, Nottingham. 14. Gorey, Ireland. 15. St Marie's, Derby. 16. St Alban's, Macclesfield. 17. St Marie's, Brewood. 18. St Winifride's, Shepshead. 19. St Andrew's, Cambridge. 20. St Bernard's Priory, Leicestershire. 21. St Marie's, Keighley. 22. St Marie's, Warwick Bridge. 23. St Wilfrid's, Manchester. 24. St Marie's, Southport. 25. St John's Hospital, Alton.

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