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The Gothic Revival and Design

A. Welby Pugin: The True Principles of Pointed or Christian Architecture

London: 1841 Sp Coll q58

Illustration of the extravagant style of Modern Gothic Furniture and Decoration
page 41

... upholsterers seem to think that nothing can be Gothic unless it is found in some church. Hence your modern man designs a sofa or occasional table from details culled out of Britton's Cathedrals, and all the ordinary articles of furniture, which require to be simple and convenient, are made not only expensive but very uneasy. We find diminutive flying buttresses about an armchair; every thing is crocketed with angular projections, innumerable mitres, sharp ornaments and turreted extremities. A man who remains any length of time in a modern Gothic room, and escapes without being wounded by some of its minutiae, may consider himself extremely fortunate (page 40).

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