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The Gothic Revival and Design

Thomas Chippendale: The Gentleman and Cabinet-maker's Director

(London: 1754) Sp Coll S.M. 2008


A Cabinet
Plate 94
T. Chippendale invt. et del.; M. Darly sculpt.
(Published according to Act of Parliament)

Is a Gothic cabinet without doors; the fretwork at the bottom of the cabinet is intended for a drawer; the upper forms a sort of Gothic arches, supported by whole terms in the middle, and half-ones at the ends, and drawers betwixt. The shaded parts BBB are intended to be open, and fretwork on the edge of the shelves; the upper fretwork is cut through; the mouldings are at large on the right hand, and a scale to take off the particulars (pp. 19-20).

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