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The Gothic Revival and Design

William Henry Pyne: The History of the Royal Residences

(London: 1819) Sp Coll f327-329


Carlton House: Gothic Dining Room
Drawn by C. Wild; Engraved by T. Sutherland.
(From Vol. 3: Pubd. Augt 1 1817 by W. H. Pyne No. 9 Nassau Street, Soho)

The room is divided, both on the north and south sides, into five compartments, each division being circumscribed by a Gothic arch, supported by clustered pillars, with capitals composed of the plume. From the pillars a portion of each arch projects, forming brackets that support the ceiling; these are richly ornamented, as are the spandrels by elegant tracery work. The groins of the three centre arches forming the roof of the recess on the north side, which contains the fire-place, are ornamented in a similar style of richness, the ribs terminating in centres bearing carved devices ... (p. 63).

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