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The Domestic Landscape 1860-1960 

Resources in Special Collections

list of primary material in Special Collections

a starred item indicates that some of its illustrations have been digitised and appear in these pages

Thomas Sheraton The cabinet dictionary London: 1803 Sp Coll RB 1195

Rudolph Ackermann Repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions and politics London: 1809 Sp Coll 2616

*Rudolph Ackermann 90 plates depicting furniture, taken from various volumes of Ackermann's Repository of arts etc [London: 1811-1828] Hepburn q3

Rudolph Ackermann A selection of ornaments in [120] pages, for the use of sculptors, painters, carvers, modellers, chasers, embossers ... London: [18--]  BD3-b.16

William Henry Pyne The history of the royal residences London: 1819 Sp Coll f327-9  

John Rutter Delineations of Fonthill and its abbey London: 1823: Sp Coll q63

Journal of design and manufactures London: 1849-1851 BD19-g.1-4

*Charles Dickens Bleak House (with illustrations by H.K. Browne) London: 1852-1853 Hepburn 186-203

*Robert Kerr  The gentleman's house; or, how to plan English residences, from the parsonage to the palace London: 1864  Sp Coll 2773

Owen Jones  The grammar of ornament. Illustrated by examples from various styles of ornament. One hundred folio plates London: 1866  BDA3-x.10

Gervase Wheeler The choice of a dwelling; a practical handbook of useful information ... connected with hiring, buying, or building a house, with its stables and garden-outbuildings London: 1872  Mu3-y.21

C. J. Richardson The Englishman's house: a practical guide for selecting or building a house  London: [1874]  Mu3-y.22

Mary Eliza Joy Haweis The art of decoration London: 1881  RB 1520

*Christopher Dresser Principles of decorative design London: [1882]  PAA 112

Artistic Japan 1888-1891 PAA f18-23

*The studio: an illustrated magazine of fine and applied art London: 1893-1903 (volumes 1-28)  PAA f174-202

Henry Havard  Dictionaire de l'ameublement et de la decoration depuis le XIIIe siecle jusqu'a nos jours ... Paris: [1894]  Mu4-a.5-8

*H. J. Jennings  Our homes and how to beautify them London: 1902  RQ 785  

*Sanitary Institute of Great Britain Catalogue of health exhibition of sanitary apparatus, appliances,
and articles of domestic use and economy, to be held at Glasgow ... 1904
London: [1904]  Mu61-b.10

The Art workers' quarterly: a portfolio of practical designs for decorative and applied art London: 1905 (volume 4)  Stone q275

Waring & Gillow Limited The artistic evolution of the English home [London:  19--] RQ 1058

Whitechapel Art Gallery and the Design & Industries Association An exhibition of household things, designed primarily to serve their purpose ... London: 1920  PAA 41

M.H.Baillie Scott and A. Edgar Beresford Houses and gardens London: 1933 PAA f159

*Labour Party, Great Britain Your home planned by Labour London: 1943 Broady C37

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