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Special Collections Material

From Rutter's Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey (1823)
Sp Coll q63

"The curtains which cover all the windows and recesses are of the same kind as those in King Edward's Gallery, double and with heraldic borders.  Eleven ebony tables, with slabs of marble, carrying glazed cabinets of buhl and tortoiseshell, are arranged on each side of the apartment.  hairs and tables of carved ebony are placed in and near the Oriel ... The plan is a long parallelogram, finishing at its south end in a projecting Oriel, which has three sides of an octagon.  The ceiling is divided into nine groined compartments; the first and second, and second and third, of which (from the south) are separated by broad arcs-boutant.  Each compartment has in its angle a segment of a circular groin, which rising from a corbel in the middle of a pier, expands until it meets the curves of the opposite groins ... The whole is jointed and party-coloured of a delicate stone colour.  The walls above the oak wainscoting are plain buff.  The wainscoting is the same as in the other gallery."

(pages 53-54)


Pellat & Green's show room
Fonthill Abbey: Interior of St. Michael's Gallery, Looking across the Octagon into King Edward's Gallery.
(Plate 7: Drawn by W. Finley; Engraved by D. Wolstenholme Jnr.)

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