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From Rutter's Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey (1823)
Sp Coll q63

"This gives at once a correct idea of the arrangement of the principal floor of the edifice.  In the centre is the Great Octagon, and from it, in the direction of the cardinal points, run the four grand divisions.  the State Entrance is in the western limb, and in the side opposite to it is the Eastern Transept, containing the rooms which were last fitted up.  In the northern branch are the Oratory, King Edward's Gallery, &c. and in the southern one is St. Michael's Gallery, leading to the With-Drawing Room, &c.  The references upon the plate, give the names and situations of the several rooms, turrets, &c."

(pages xvii-xviii)


Pellat & Green's show room
Fonthill Abbey: Plan of the Principal Story.  The dotted lines represent the Ornamented Ceilings, Groining &c.
(Plate 2: Drawn by J. Rutter; Engraved by John Cleghorn)

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