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From Pugin's True principles of pointed or Christian architecture (1841)
Sp Coll q58

"The early hinges covered the whole face of the doors with varied and flowing scroll-work ... Plate III figs. 1 and 3."

"We all know that on the principle of a lever a door may be easily torn off its modern hinges by a strain applied at its outward edge, (fig. 2.)"

"In barn-doors and gates these hinges are still used, although devoid of any elegance of form; but they have been most religiously banished from public edifices as unsightly, merely on account of our present race of artists not exercising the same ingenuity as those of ancient times in rendering the useful a vehicle for the beautiful: the same remarks will apply to locks that are now concealed and let into the style of doors, which are often more than half cut away to receive them.  Plate III. fig. 4."

"In churches we not unfrequently find locks adorned with sacred subjects chased on them, with the most ingenious mechanical contrivances for concealing the key-hole ... Fig. 5."

(pages 20-21)

Pellat & Green's show room
(Plate III)

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