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Special Collections Material

From The history of the royal residences by William Henry Pyne (London: 1819)
Sp Coll f327-9 (plate here from volume 3: Sp Coll f329)

The walls are covered with rose-coloured satin damask, with gold mouldings; the upper part being enriched by festoons of the same beautiful materials, with gold fringe and ornamented paterae, which combine with the window-draperies, having sub-curtains of white taffeta: these are supported at each end by carved standards, finely gilt, and are festooned by paterae and eagles. Trophies, characteristic of Architecture, Commerce, Painting, Navigation, &c elegantly designed, carved and gilt, embellish the panels of the doors, which are painted white; as are also the sur-base and shutters, the latter being enriched by scrollwork gilt, and by gold mouldings.

(page 31)

Rose satin drawing room, Carlton House
Carlton House: Rose Satin Drawing Room
(Plate between pp.30-31: drawn by C. Wild; engraved by D. Havell)

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