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Special Collections Material

From John Buckler's Views of Eaton Hall in Cheshire (1826)
Sp Coll s4-a.10

"Erratum. - In the descriptions beneath the external views, the several points have been inadvertently transposed, so that: North, is named for West; South, is named for East; East, is named for North; and West, is named for South.  This error, however, has been corrected in the text."

(Page 5)

"Before the West front a large space is enclosed by a sunk fence, surmounted by a low stone wall.  A raised Terrace adorns the East side of the House; from whence, sloping to an extensive piece of water, and intersected by walks, are the Flower Garden and Pleasure Grounds, which cover a space of fifty acres, and are ornamented on one side by a Gothic Conservatory, and on the other by an octagonal Temple."

(Page 4)


Pellat & Green's show room
Eaton Hall - North East View.
(Plate 2: Drawn on stone by W. Westall, A.R.A. from a drawing by J.Buckler)

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