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Programmes and business papers of Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow, and business papers and presscuttings relating to TAG 226

Archive of the Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow, 1944-1970. Business papers including Minutes of the Provisional Committee of 1943. Minutes of the Board of Directors 1943-1990, Minutes of the Chairmanís co 2

Contracts 27

Citizens' Theatre Production Files 1991-2011 28

Press cuttings books of the Citizens' Theatre, 1943-1967, and files relating to tours by the Citizens' Theatre Company and those relating to visiting companies, 1969-1980. 178

Ground plans for various productions, Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow 213

Minutes, Citizens' Theatre, 1943-1989; agreement between Scottish National Academy of Music and Citizens' Theatre regarding hire of Athenaeum Theatre, 1943; papers concerning purchase of Royal Princes 279

Sound tapes and production files, Citizens' Theatre 298

Collection of photographs from the Citizens' Theatre season of 1969-70 138

Collection of Citizens' Theatre programmes, including 4 autographed by casts. 137

Citizens' Theatre programmes, The Prompter, and Bulletin of the Glasgow Citizens' Theatre Society, 1946-1954. 188

4 photographs of exterior of Citizens' Theatre, prior to demolition of surrounding buildings, 1 of interior showing stage, and 1 of Palace Theatre auditorium used as bingo hall. 195

Programmes of Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow and other miscellaneous items. 224

Programmes and presscuttings relating to Citizens' Theatre. 243

Programmes, Citizens' Theatre 247

Photographs relating to the Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow, 1976-1989. 445

Papers of the Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow, 1992-1993. 485

Material relating to a tombola held by the Citizens' Theatre Society 463

Programmes of Citizens' Theatre and King's Theatre, Glasgow, 1958-1981. 542

Programmes of Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow. 547

Archive of the Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow, 1971-1977. Includes production files. 564

Press cuttings from Glasgow Herald relating to removal of facade of Citizens' Theatre, 1977, with James Bridie programme. 572

Scrapbook relating to Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow. Collection of theatre programmes. 574

Programmes of Glasgow theatres from the collection by James F. Forbes. Includes 86 from Citizens' Theatre with others from Falcon Theatre, Glasgow Unity Theatre, King's Theatre, Park Theatre, Pitlochr 161

Production files of Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow, 1977-1979. 587

Photocopy of Citizens' Theatre leaflet mentioning Lee Puppets, 1960. 588

Programmes of Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow, 1960s. 589

Theatre Memories Project 664

Seasons programmes Citizens Theatre, Glasgow 700

Archive of the Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow, 1993- 680

Citizens Theatre Production Files 1994-2008. 811

Folder of correspondence, leaflets, press cuttings and programmes 837

John Cairney collection of pantomime, musicals, and variety programmes. 843