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Name: Royal Princess's Theatre , Glasgow
Notes: Opened as Her Majesty's Theatre at 121 Main Street, Gorbals, Glasgow, 28 December 1878. Name changed to Royal Princess's Theatre, c. 1880. Name changed to Citizens' Theatre, 1945. The Royal Princess's Theatre in the Gorbals, was owned and run by Harry McKelvie who had inherited it from Rich Waldon, and was famous for its pantomimes, which always had thirteen letters in their titles. In 1945 McKelvie offered his theatre on generous terms to James Bridie to house his Citizens' Company. Bridie was able to take up the offer with the aid of Glasgow businessman, Sir Frederick Stewart. After the move Bridie renamed it the Citizens' Theatre. [See: M.H. Hay, Glasgow theatres and music halls: a guide (Glasgow, 1980)]
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