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Name: Close Theatre Club , Glasgow
Notes: The Close Theatre Club was created in 1965 by the Citizens' Company as a studio theatre in an adjoining dance hall, mainly to get around the laws of censorship, which forbade showing of certain plays deemed to be unsuitable for general public viewing. The Club was founded with the financial assistance of Michael Goldberg, who was at that time Chairman of the Citizens' Theatre. By creating a club, the Citizens' could circumvent the censor and present plays which otherwise would not have been seen. Its aims were to present already established work in a new form and also to encourage the writing and presentation of new and experimental plays. The Close was successful up until the early 1970s, although by that time theatre clubs were becoming obsolete as a subversive means of expression, as censorship laws were repealed in 1968. The theatre was destroyed by fire on May 7th, 1973.
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