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Name: Citizens' Theatre , Glasgow
Notes: One of the leading theatres in Britain, the Glasgow Citizens' Theatre Company was formed in 1943 by a group of Glasgow Citizens including the playwright James Bridie, who became the first President, Dr Tom Honeyman who became the first Chairman and the writer Guy McCrone who was the first Managing Director. They first presented their repertoire in the Athenaeum Theatre but moved to the Royal Princess's Theatre in the Gorbals which was later renamed the Citizens' Theatre. In its early years it did try to promote Scottish plays, many of them being by Bridie. From 1969 under the guiding hand of the triumvirate of Giles Havergal, Robert David MacDonald and Philip Prowse, the company have presented an international repertoire and have won world wide acclaim for their work. During this period Glasgow was dropped from the title of the company. Material was first deposited in the Special Collections Department, Glasgow University Library in 1975 and became part of the Scottish Theatre Archive when it was setup in 1981. In 1986 the Board of the Citizens' designated the Scottish Theatre Archive as the official depository for the archive of the Citizens' Theatre. See also: and :
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