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Name: James Bridie
Dates: 1888-1951
Notes: Pseudonym of the Scottish playwright, screenwriter and surgeon whose real name was Osborne Henry Mavor. Born 3 January 1888 in Pollokshields, Glasgow. Bridie assumed this pen name as he did not want his theatrical work to affect his position as a practicing doctor. Previously he had used the pen name of Mary Henderson, but adopted the name James Bridie in the late 1920s. Towards the end of the 40s, Bridie used another name, J. P. Kellock, when he co-wrote 'The Tintock Cup' with George Munro. Bridie studied medicine at Glasgow University but developed an interest in theatre, writing critical reviews and was a friend of Alfred Wareing who founded the Glasgow Repertory Theatre. He had plays performed by the Scottish National Players but it was The Anatomist which really began his writing career. In 1943 he was one of the founders of the Glasgow Citizens' Theatre, where many of his plays were performed. He also played a role in the founding of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, a member of the Arts Council and an adviser to the Edinburgh Festival. Died 29 January 1951 in Edinburgh.
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