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Name: Roddy McMillan
Dates: 1923-1979
Notes: Born in Glasgow of Harris parents. Surname appears as McMillan or MacMillan. Actor Roddy MacMillan began his professional career with Glasgow Unity in the mid 1940s. After a few years with Unity, MacMillan joined the Glasgow Citizens' Company in the late 40s, where he remained for most of the 50s. MacMillan developed into an actor of high caliber during his time with the Citizens'. In the mid 1950s he also began to appear with the Gateway Company in Edinburgh, where he continued to develop his acting skills. During the 50s he also began to appear in films, such as 'The Maggie' and 'The Bridal Path'. He appeared often on television and is perhaps best remembered for his many leading roles in productions such as 'Para Handy' and 'A View From Daniel Pike'.
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