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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: The thistle o' Scotland
Date of Event:
Event Type: revue
Language: English
Event Number: 2146
Items associated with this Event:
licence: The thistle o' Scotland STA Ae 1/3
programme: The thistle o' Scotland STA Fq 2/19a
script: The thistle o' Scotland STA Ae 1/2
script: The thistle o' Scotland STA Ae 1/1
Names associated with this Event:
choreographer: Danny Regan
director: William Walker
performer: Alexander Brothers
performer: Mae Bentley
performer: Margo Bentley 1933-2017
performer: Bentley Sisters
performer: City of Glasgow 280 Field Regiment Pipe Band , Glasgow
performer: Grace Clark 1905-1995
performer: Nicky Kidd
performer: Billy Leslie
performer: Jack Masterton
performer: May Moxon Dancers
performer: Colin Murray
performer: Danny Regan
performer: Betty Royle
performer: John Royle
performer: Monty Sidford
performer: Jackie Simpson
performer: The Singing Royles
performer: The Singing Scholars
venue: Metropole Theatre (Stockwell St) 1862-1961 , Glasgow