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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: The sunlight sonata
Date of Event: Between 20 March 1928 and 24 March 1928
Event Type: play
Language: English
Notes: Also known as 'To meet the seven deadly sins'. Triple bill of one-act Scots plays also featuring 'The hoose wi' the golden windows' and 'C'est la guerre'. The bill also includes Scots songs and mime.
Event Number: 16199
Items associated with this Event:
leaflet: The sunlight sonata STA 2Bc 9
press cutting: The sunlight sonata STA 2Bc 9
press cutting: The sunlight sonata STA 2Bb 17/15
press cutting: The sunlight sonata STA 2Bc 6
programme: The sunlight sonata STA 2Bc 1/5a
Names associated with this Event:
company: The Scottish National Players , Glasgow
designer: Dora Bird
designer: Ethel Lewis
director: Sir Tyrone Guthrie 1900-1971
dramatist: Mary Henderson
performer: James Anderson
performer: Nell Ballantyne fl. 1940
performer: Elsie Brotchie
performer: Meg Buchanan b. 15 September 1882
performer: Graham Dow
performer: D. Morland Graham
performer: Nellie Justice
performer: Ethel Lewis
performer: T. P. Maley
performer: Elliot C. Mason
performer: Jenny Miller
performer: Peggy Morton
performer: Nan Scott
performer: Frankie Smith
performer: Halbert Tatlock
performer: Jean Taylor Smith
performer: Caven Watson
performer: Esther Wilson
performer: George F. Yuill
venue: Lyric Theatre , Glasgow