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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: Ane satyre of the Thrie Estaites
Date of Event: Between 24 August 1948 and 12 September 1948
Event Type: play
Language: Scots
Event Number: 9621
Items associated with this Event:
letter: Ane satyre of the Thrie Estaites STA 2Fa 3/7
photograph: Ane satyre of the Thrie Estaites STA 2Fa 1/58
press cutting: Ane satyre of the Thrie Estaites STA 2Fa 3/4
press cutting: Ane satyre of the Thrie Estaites STA Bridie 528s
programme: The Three Estates STA Bj 5
Names associated with this Event:
adapter: Robert Kemp 1908-1967
composer: Cedric Thorpe Davie 1913-1983
director: Sir Tyrone Guthrie 1900-1971
dramatist: Sir David Lindsay 1486-1554
festival: Edinburgh International Festival , Edinburgh
performer: Julian Agnew
performer: L. Aitken
performer: A. M. Baxter
performer: Stanley Baxter b.1926
performer: J. T. Beattie
performer: Charles R. M. Brookes
performer: G. Brown
performer: N. Bryson
performer: Barry Budge
performer: Elspeth Cameron
performer: Douglas Campbell b.1922
performer: A. Carraline
performer: Jean Carrol
performer: Robert Christie
performer: Douglas Clarke
performer: Cyril Crook
performer: Archie Duncan 1914-1979
performer: William W. Easton
performer: Walter Evans
performer: James Gibson b.1895
performer: Andrew Gray
performer: D. Hannah
performer: Jack Henry
performer: Ian (F.) Holroyd
performer: Horace Hunter
performer: J. Irvine
performer: Thomas Jardine
performer: Moultrie R. Kelsall 1904-1980
performer: T. Kennedy
performer: Henry King
performer: Monty Landstein
performer: A. Laurie
performer: Fred Law
performer: W. Love
performer: Jack Lynn
performer: Peter MacDonell
performer: John MacKay
performer: Flora MacKenzie
performer: Duncan Macrae 1905-1967
performer: Jack Maguire
performer: John Main
performer: Brian Mayes
performer: A. McKay
performer: Robert McLauchlan
performer: Lennox Milne 1909-1980
performer: Audrey Moncrieff
performer: John W. Moorby
performer: Bruce Morgan
performer: Bryden Murdoch
performer: J. Nisbet
performer: John Ogilvie
performer: M. O'Leary
performer: W. Pairmain
performer: David Peters
performer: H. A. Pillon
performer: David Price
performer: Thomas Ratter
performer: K. Riley
performer: Jack Ronder
performer: A. Rosie
performer: Edith Ruddick
performer: E. Saunders
performer: Diccon Shaw
performer: John Shiels
performer: Graham Squire
performer: Ian Stewart
performer: W. Stewart
performer: James Stuart fl. 1948-1987
performer: James Sutherland
performer: Armando Tartaglia
performer: Robert Taylor
performer: Jean Taylor Smith
performer: Robert Thomas
performer: Molly Urquhart 1906-1977
performer: Evelyn Webb
performer: Dudley Stuart White
performer: Andrew P. Wilson b. 1886
performer: Wm Young
venue: Assembly Hall, Church of Scotland , Edinburgh