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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: Sky high
Date of Event: 18 May 1942
Event Type: revue
Language: English
Event Number: 2345
Items associated with this Event:
programme: Sky high STA JLC 27/21
Names associated with this Event:
author: Peter Dion Titherage 1889-1934
author: Adrian Foley
author: Douglas Furber
author: Will E. Haines
author: David Heneker
author: Edward Horan
author: J. P. Long
author: Alan Melville 1910-1983
author: Nicholas Phipps
author: George Posford
author: Harold Purcell
author: Jack Strachey
author: Denis Waldock
author: Nina Warner Hooke
composer: Edythe Baker
director: Arthur Bush
performer: Hilary Allen
performer: Hermoine Baddeley 1906-1986
performer: Gerald Bryant
performer: George Carden
performer: Walter Crisham
performer: Lulu Dukes
performer: Zoe Gail
performer: Hermoine Gingold
performer: Cliff Gordon
performer: George Gower
performer: Betty Hare
performer: Ronnie Hill
performer: Prudence Hyman
performer: Pat O'Dare
performer: Phylliss Pearce
performer: Denis Waldock
performer: Naunton Wayne
performer: Elisabeth Welch
performer: Geoffrey Wright
venue: Alhambra Theatre 1909-1971 , Glasgow