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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: The love match
Date of Event: 25 April 1965
Event Type: play
Language: English
Notes: Broadcast by Scottish Television
Event Number: 2326
Items associated with this Event:
press cutting: The love match STA JLC 45/23
programme: The love match STA JLC 26/45
Names associated with this Event:
adapter: Sam Cree
designer: Sheila Ward
director: Victor Carin 1933-1980
director: Brian Mahoney
dramatist: Glenn Melvyn
performer: Morag Forsyth
performer: Marillyn Gray fl. 1950-
performer: Jimmy Logan 1928-2001
performer: Brian Marjoribanks
performer: Phil McCall 1925-2002
performer: Lennox Milne 1909-1980
performer: John Shedden fl. 1973-
performer: Bill Tennent
venue: Metropole Theatre (St George's Cross) , Glasgow