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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: Shylock
Date of Event:
Event Type: play
Language: English
Notes: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 1974
Event Number: 17493
Items associated with this Event:
programme: Shylock STA Ne 2/41
programme: Shylock STA Nb 6/1
Names associated with this Event:
choreographer: Paul Bentley
choreographer: Ann Healey Also Anne
company: Zforzando
composer: Roger Haines
director: Paul Bentley
director: Roger Haines
festival: Edinburgh Festival Fringe , Edinburgh
lyricist: Paul Bentley
musician: Glenn Cartlidge
musician: John de Jonge
musician: Bill Pidgeon
musician: Simon Webb
performer: Earl Adair
performer: Paul Bentley
performer: Helen Murphy Glavin
performer: Elizabeth Handover
performer: Arthur Kohn 1950-
performer: Pam Obermeyer b.1951
performer: Anthony O'Driscoll
performer: Andrew Wadsworth
venue: St Columba-by-the-Castle , Edinburgh