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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: Ane satyre of the Thrie Estaites
Date of Event: Between 19 August 1973 and 8 September 1973
Event Type: play
Language: Scots
Notes: Edinburgh International Festival 1973
Event Number: 16770
Items associated with this Event:
photograph: Ane satyre of the Thrie Estaites STA Dm 10/19
press cutting: Ane satyre of the Thrie Estaites STA Dm 1/1
press cutting: Back to the old morality STA Dm 1/4
press cutting: Bryden faithfully dusts off classic for discerning STA Dm 1/4
press cutting: 'Filth' rumpus halts a play STA Dm 1/10
press cutting: Genesis, with a cast of 100 STA Dm 1/10
press cutting: Masterpiece of drama STA Dm 1/4
press cutting: Morality play for the 70s STA Dm 1/4
press cutting: Review in Sunday Telegraph of The thrie estaites STA Dm 1/4
press cutting: Review in the Listener STA Dm 1/4
press cutting: Review in the Sunday Times STA Dm 1/4
press cutting: Review in the Times STA Dm 1/4
press cutting: Rough-hewn magnitude of 'Thrie Estaites' STA Dm 1/4
press cutting: The thrie estaites STA Dm 1/4
press cutting: The thrie estaites STA Dm 1/4
press cutting: The thrie estaites is back at the Edinburgh Festival STA Dm 1/4
press cutting: Thrilling succession of talent STA Dm 1/4
press cutting: Two cheers for the thrie estaites STA Dm 1/4
programme: Ane satyre of the Thrie Estaites STA Fu 7/25; STA Mn 41/29
script: A satire of the Three Estates STA Gj 29-33
Names associated with this Event:
adapter: Tom Wright 1923-2002
company: Royal Lyceum Theatre Company , Edinburgh
composer: Cedric Thorpe Davie 1913-1983
designer: Deirdre Clancy
director: Bill Bryden CBE b. 1942
director: Ian Ireland
dramatist: Sir David Lindsay 1486-1554
festival: Edinburgh International Festival , Edinburgh
lighting designer: Andre Tammes
musical director: Adrian Secchi
musician: James Bertram
musician: Sandra Brown
musician: Hew (Hugh) Ceredig
musician: Eric Cook
musician: Bruce Fraser
musician: James Grossart
musician: Robert McCulloch
musician: Tony Rattigan
performer: William Armour
performer: Ron Bain
performer: Alan Black
performer: Martin Black
performer: Joseph Brady fl. 1955-
performer: Alexander Brebner
performer: Colin Brown
performer: Langdale Brown
performer: Susan (Sue) Brown
performer: Sheila Burness
performer: Andrew Byatt
performer: James Cairncross fl. 1950-2002
performer: John Cairney 1930-
performer: Simon Callow CBE b. 1949
performer: Elspeth Cameron
performer: Walter Carr 1925-1998
performer: Eric Cook
performer: Tony Cormack
performer: Steve Coulson
performer: Donald Crerar
performer: Peter Davidson
performer: William Davidson
performer: David Davies
performer: Brown Derby d. 2000
performer: Charles Donnelly
performer: Peter Douglas
performer: Jackie Farrell
performer: John Ferguson
performer: Tom Fleming CVO, OBE, FRSAMD 1927-2010
performer: John Fotheringham
performer: Jane Fox
performer: Rikki Fulton 1924-2004
performer: Jeni Giffen
performer: Jimmy Giles
performer: Stewart Goldberg
performer: Gordon Grant
performer: James Grant fl. 1950-1976
performer: John Grieve 1925-2003
performer: Alec Heggie
performer: Vivien Heilbron b. 1944
performer: Robin Henderson
performer: May Henry
performer: Charles Hodkinson
performer: Brian Houlton
performer: Peter Hunt
performer: Alan Hunter
performer: Eric Ibler
performer: Ian Ireland
performer: George Johnstone
performer: James Kennedy
performer: Tom Klan
performer: Scott Logan
performer: Edith Macarthur 1926-2018
performer: Ralph MacDonald
performer: Fulton Mackay 1922-1987
performer: Lesley Mackie
performer: Myles MacWeeney
performer: Patrick Malahide
performer: Ann Maley
performer: Phil McCall 1925-2002
performer: Eileen McCallum fl. 1950-
performer: Sean McCarthy
performer: Mary McCusker
performer: Graham McKinnon
performer: Bill McLean
performer: Roddy McMillan 1923-1979
performer: Ian McPherson
performer: Janet Michael
performer: Sandy Miles
performer: Lennox Milne 1909-1980
performer: Alex Mitchell
performer: Andrew Mitchell
performer: Maureen Mullen
performer: Bryden Murdoch
performer: David Neville
performer: Michael Newlands
performer: Nan Norman
performer: David O'Brien
performer: Jack Orr
performer: Francis Rankin
performer: Clare Richards
performer: David Rintoul b.1948
performer: Robert Roberts
performer: Tony Roper b.1941
performer: Michael Rose-Miller
performer: Duncan Shaw
performer: John Shedden fl. 1973-
performer: Hugh Smith
performer: Neil Smith
performer: Wilf Stevenson
performer: Charles Stewart
performer: Ian Stewart
performer: Peter Taylor
performer: Julian Tew
performer: Dennis Thomson
performer: John Watt
performer: Dudley Stuart White
performer: Peter Whitman
performer: Jan Wilson fl. 1964-1993
performer: Barry Woolgar
performer: Benny Young
performer: John Young 1916-1996
performer: Paul Young b. 1944
tutor: Bryden Murdoch
venue: Assembly Hall, Church of Scotland , Edinburgh