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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: The weavers
Date of Event:
Event Type: play
Language: English
Event Number: 16006
Items associated with this Event:
programme: The weavers STA Oa 1/23
Names associated with this Event:
adapter: Bill Findlay 1947-2005
company: Dundee Repertory Theatre , Dundee
company: Tramway , Glasgow
composer: Gordon Dougall
designer: Gregory Smith
director: Hamish Glen b. 1958
director: Anna Newell
dramatist: Gerhart Hauptmann 1862-1946
lighting designer: Richard Moffat
performer: Peter Airlie
performer: Natasha Alder
performer: Derek Anders
performer: Carrie Anderson
performer: Rachel Branney
performer: Helen Brennan
performer: John Buick
performer: Paul Clarke
performer: Rosemary Clunie
performer: Hannah Craigie
performer: Gillian Crighton
performer: Darren Domm
performer: Chic Duncan
performer: Jock Ferguson
performer: Jack Findlay
performer: Jacqueline Gniady
performer: Ian Grieve
performer: Peter Grimes
performer: Mira Henderson
performer: Sandy Jack
performer: Stella Jackson
performer: Anne Kidd
performer: Niall Laing
performer: Eliza Langland
performer: Derek Lannen
performer: Darren Lesslie
performer: Zhenya Matysiak
performer: David Mcconnachie
performer: Susan McInally
performer: Michael McLaren
performer: Debbie McMaster
performer: Maria Miller
performer: Andy Morell
performer: Bill Murdoch
performer: Sandy Neilson
performer: Paul Nivison
performer: Sharon Osborne
performer: Gary Paton
performer: Barry Pearson
performer: Kieran Ritchie
performer: John Rodger
performer: Victoria Rogers
performer: Paul Samson
performer: David Scrimgeour
performer: Allan Sharpe
performer: Heather Thomson
performer: Robin Thomson
performer: Pricilla Webster
venue: Tramway , Glasgow