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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: The dominant sex
Date of Event: Between 4 November 1940 and 9 November 1940
Event Type: play
Language: English
Notes: Featuring a performance by Chili Bouchier, the star of stage and screen.
Event Number: 14598
Items associated with this Event:
leaflet: Love on the dole STA Bb 5/9f
press cutting: The dominant sex STA Bc 9
programme: The dominant sex STA Bb 5/10a
Names associated with this Event:
company: Dundee Repertory Theatre Company , Dundee
director: Frederick Peisley
dramatist: Michael Egan
performer: Patrick Cargill
performer: Campbell Copelin
performer: Anthony Hawtrey
performer: Barbara James
performer: Elizabeth Nicoll
performer: Julian Orde
performer: James Pugh
venue: Dundee Repertory Theatre , Dundee