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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: The last days of mankind
Date of Event: Between 21 August 1983 and 27 August 1983
Event Type: play
Language: English
Notes: Edinburgh International Festival
Event Number: 14095
Items associated with this Event:
cost sheet: The Citizens' Theatre Ltd, Citizens' Company, Glasgow, Cost Sheet for
STA Ec 12/17d
ground plan: The last days of mankind STA Eq 3/3; STA E 54
press cutting: National newspaper press cuttings referring to performances of The las
STA Ec 12/15c
press cutting: Kraus the Grouse STA GHC 2/20/6
press cutting: Stage-lord of Mars STA GHC 2/20/5
press cutting: The doom merchants STA GHC 2/20/4
press cutting: The last days of mankind STA GHC 2/20/3
press cutting: The last days of mankind STA GHC 2/20/2
press cutting: Unconvincing agonies STA GHC 2/20/1
production file: The last days of mankind STA Eq 3/3; STA Eb 5/7
programme: The last days of mankind STA Ex 25/13a
schedule: The last days of mankind STA CTC 131/2
Names associated with this Event:
company: Citizens' Theatre Company , Glasgow
designer: Terry Bartlett
director: Robert David MacDonald 1929-2004
director: Paul Shaw
dramatist: Karl Kraus 1874-1936
festival: Edinburgh International Festival , Edinburgh
lighting designer: Gerry Jenkinson
performer: David E. Ashton fl.1995
performer: Shaun Behan
performer: Jane Bertish
performer: Charon Bourke
performer: John Breck 1953-1984
performer: Lorcan Cranitch
performer: Rupert Farley
performer: Billy Garrett
performer: Robert Gwilym
performer: Patrick Hannaway
performer: Giles Havergal CBE b. 1938
performer: Ciaran Hinds
performer: Donald Hodgart
performer: Robin Hooper
performer: Robert Johnston
performer: Johanna Kirby
performer: Katherine Kitovitz
performer: Patrick Mannion
performer: Alan McCulloch
performer: Gerry McMonagle
performer: David Monteath
performer: Gary Oldman
performer: Stewart Porter
performer: Ian Puleston-Davies
performer: Douglas Reid
performer: Garry Roost
performer: Laurence Rudic b. 1952
performer: Jonathan Scott-Taylor
performer: Jill Spurrier
performer: Yolanda Vasquez
performer: Derwent Watson
translator: Robert David MacDonald 1929-2004
venue: Assembly Hall, Church of Scotland , Edinburgh