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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: Summer lightning
Date of Event: Between 21 February 1992 and 14 March 1992
Event Type: play
Language: English
Event Number: 14052
Items associated with this Event:
press cutting: Summer lightning STA GHC 2/30
press cutting: Summer lightning STA Eh 14/3
press cutting: Summer lightning STA Eb 6/1+4
production file: Summer lightning STA Eh 14/2
programme: Summer lightning STA Nb 1/87
programme: Summer lightning STA Ex 24/21d
script: Summer lightning STA Eh 14/1
script: Summer lightning STA Eb 7/1-2
sound tape: Summer lightning STA Et 30a-b
Names associated with this Event:
adapter: Giles Havergal CBE b. 1938
company: Citizens' Theatre Company , Glasgow
designer: Kenny Miller
director: Giles Havergal CBE b. 1938
director: Malcolm Sutherland
dramatist: Sir P. G. Wodehouse 1881-1975
lighting designer: Michael Lancaster
performer: Helen Baxendale b.1970
performer: Stephen MacDonald fl. 1950-
performer: Anne Myatt
performer: Matthew Radford
performer: Siobhan Stanley
performer: Colin Wells
performer: Matthew Whittle
venue: Citizens' Theatre , Glasgow