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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: Desperado corner
Date of Event: Between 16 January 1981 and 24 January 1981
Event Type: play
Language: English
Notes: Revived 10-18 April 1981
Event Number: 13879
Items associated with this Event:
contact print: Desperado corner STA JVB 1/7
contact print: Desperado corner STA JVB 1/6
ground plan: Desperado corner STA Ep 3/7
photograph: Desperado corner STA Ee 4
programme: Desperado corner STA Ex 24/10d
review: Desperado corner STA Hm 5/2
review: Desperado corner STA Ac 1/29
script: Desperado corner STA Ep 3/6
script: Desperado corner STA Ep 3/4-5
sound tape: Desperado corner STA Ef 1a
Names associated with this Event:
company: Citizens' Theatre Company , Glasgow
designer: Geoff (Geoffrey) Rose
director: Di Trevis
dramatist: Shaun Lawton
performer: Frances Barber
performer: John Breck 1953-1984
performer: Jim Cartwright
performer: Big D
performer: Robert Gwilym
performer: Gordon Hammersley
performer: Patrick Hannaway
performer: Ciaran Hinds
performer: Gerry Jenkinson
performer: Johanna Kirby
performer: Katherine Kitovitz
performer: Shaun Lawton
performer: Roger McKern
performer: Gerry McMonagle
performer: Gary Oldman
performer: Mark Rylance
performer: Jill Spurrier
performer: Derek Watson
performer: Andrew Wilde
venue: Citizens' Theatre , Glasgow