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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: Don Juan
Date of Event: Between 7 November 1980 and 22 November 1980
Event Type: play
Language: English
Event Number: 13874
Items associated with this Event:
contact print: Don Juan STA JVB 1/3
cost sheet: Don Juan STA Ec 11/13k
ground plan: Don Juan STA Ep 4/6
photograph: Don Juan STA Ee 4
production file: Don Juan STA Ep 4/3
programme: Don Juan STA Ex 24/10c
review: Don Juan STA Bj 4/13
review: Don Juan STA Bj 4/13
script: Don Juan STA Ep 4/1-2
sound tape: Don Juan STA Et 21e
Names associated with this Event:
company: Citizens' Theatre Company , Glasgow
designer: Philip Prowse 1937-
director: Philip Prowse 1937-
dramatist: Robert David MacDonald 1929-2004
lighting designer: Gerry Jenkinson
performer: John Breck 1953-1984
performer: Angela Chadfield
performer: Steven Dartnell
performer: Rupert Everett b 1959
performer: Robert Gwilym
performer: Gordon Hammersley
performer: Patrick Hannaway
performer: Andy Hinds
performer: Robert Johnston
performer: Bill Leadbitter
performer: Roger McKern
performer: Barbara Robbin
performer: Mark Rylance
performer: Ida Schuster b.1918
performer: Ian Staples
performer: Sian Thomas
performer: Di Trevis
performer: Andrew Wilde
venue: Citizens' Theatre , Glasgow