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Reference Code: GB 247 STA Jy 21/3
Call Number: STA Jy 21/3
Title: Down among the big boys
Content: Down among the big boys, by Peter McDougall. BBC Scotland Television, 1993. Script
Place of Creation: Scotland
Date of Creation: 1993
Physical Description: Typescript 247p
Language: English
Document Type: script
Medium of Performance: television
Event Type: play
Notes: JoJo Donnelly masterminds a daring bank robbery in Glasgow. Meanwhile his daughter is about to be married to a young police officer, Louie Gibbons. Louie is put in charge of the investigation of the bank robbery. JoJo sets about compromising Louie when his investigations begin to lead in JoJo's direction. All involved conspire to keep quiet about JoJo's illegal activities to protect themselves and to prevent JoJo's daughter Claire from learning exactly what her father does to get his money.
Level of Description: Item
Access: Normal conditions
Record Number: 69426
Accession Number: 626
Associated Event: play
Names associated with this document:
author: Peter McDougall
broadcaster: B.B.C. Scotland Television , Glasgow
depositor: B.B.C. Scotland , Glasgow
director: Charles Gormley