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Theatre Studies: Junior Hons
Twentieth-century Scottish theatre

The following items of relevance to this course are available in the Scottish Theatre Archive.

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John Byrne's Slab Boys: Traverse Theatre, 1978

Scottish theatre pre 1900

  • See 19th century reviewing journals
  • There is a printed list of Theatre periodicals

The Abbey Influence and the Glasgow Repertory Theatre

Inter war period

Bridie and the Citizensí

Glasgow Unity

1950s and1960s

Scottish drama: 1950s to 1970s

  • See Online catalogue for scripts and production information
  • See Online catalogue for periodicals (There is also a printed version)

Political theatre in Scotland in the 1970ís

1980s and 1990s

Play Texts

Waste of Time


  • A Decade's drama STA H.j.13
  • Scot free STA H.h.14
  • Made in Scotland STA M.a.27

Arnott, Peter

  • The White rose STA J.h.Box 7/4

Baillie, Joanna

  • De Montford Sp Coll 374 & 375

Barke, James

  • Major operation STA A.r.Box 8/4

Barrie, J. M

  • The admirable Crichton STA H.u.8-32; STA H.j.2; STA H.j.37; STA 2Gd 46-58
  • Peter Pan STA H.j.2 STA K.n.Box 8/2
  • Mary Rose STA H.i.47; STA B.r.10; STA H.j.2
  • What every woman knows STA H.h.63; STA 2G.d.13; STA H.j.2; STA K.t.Box 5/1-6; STA K.p.Box 6/5

Bell, J.J.

  • Wee Macgreegor STA H.n.Box 2/3

Binnie, John

  • A little older STA 2J.l.Box 6/9 STA J.v.Box 3/7

Blake, George

  • Clyde built STA 2B.c.Box 1/2 & 3
  • The mother STA 2B.c.Box 11/4

Brandane, John

  • The glen is mine STA B.r.11; STA 2B.c.Box 12/7 & 8; STA K.d.Box 8/12-13

Bridie, James

  • The anatomist STA H.v.20-32; STA H.j.6; STA K.a.Box 4/11
  • The Baikie Charivari STA H.v.33
  • Daphne Laureola STA 2G.e.12-28
  • The Forrigan reel STA H.w.2-4a; STA G.x.59-68
  • Dr Angelus STA H.w.1; STA G.x.57; 2G.e(4 copies)
  • The kitchen comedy STA H.w.61-63; STA H.x.1-4
  • Mr Bolfry STA H.w.26; STA G.m.5; STA 2G.e.33 & 34
  • The queen's comedy STA 2J.l.Box 8/5; STA H.w.36-48
  • A sleeping clergyman STA H.w.49; STA H.j.6
  • Sunlight sonata STA K.j.Box 7/13

Bryden, Bill

  • Benny Lynch STA G.n.67-75; STA Tape 1+2 (Performance)
  • The Big Picnic STA H.q.Box 9/10
  • Willlie Rough STA G.o.11 STA J.k.Box 5/7-9

Byrne, John

  • Colquhoun and MacBryde STA M.c.36
  • Cuttin' a rug STA H.h.62
  • The loveliest night of the year STA H.n.Box 5/2
  • The Slab Boys STA H.n.Box 5/3; STA J.a.Box 6/2
  • The Slab Boys Trilogy STA M.a.21
  • The Staffie STA Tape 3+4
  • Still life STA H.n.Box 5/4; STA H.h.61
  • Threads STA H.j.13

Campbell, Donald

  • The Jesuit STA J.a.Box 7/1; STA H.j.50; STA Tape 5-6 (Performance)

Carroll, Paul Vincent

  • Green cars go east STA B.r.14; STA B.t.Box 1/4; STA H.n.Box 6/3; STA H.x.25
  • The strings my lord are false STA B.t.Box 1/5

Carswell, Donald

  • Count Albany STA K.b.Box 11/12

Chapin, Harold

  • The philosopher of Butterbiggans STA2B.c.Box11/7 & 8

Colquhoun, Donald

  • Jean STA H.k.Box 1/3

Conn, Stewart

  • The aquarium STA G.o.74-88
  • The burning STA G.p.9-17; STA H.j.74
  • Play donkey STA H.j.13; STA G.p.18-27; STA H.n.Box 7/4; STA K.h.Box 7/1; STA Tape 7 (Performance)

Corrie, Joe

  • Hewers of coal STA H.j.42; STA Tape 26 (Performance)
  • In time o' strife STA Tapes 24 & 25 (Performance); STA A. t.Box 3/11

Cullen, Mike

  • Anna Weiss STA TP 5
  • The collection STA H.q.Box 9/13
  • The cut STA M.a.27

Di Mambro, Anne Marie

  • Tally's blood STA J.i.Box 4/1

Evaristi, Marcella

  • Commedia STA J.b.Box 7/6

Eveling, Stanley

  • Mister STA J.n.Box 9/9-10

Ferguson, J.A.

  • Campbell of Kilmhor STA H.k.Box 1/7; STA H.k.Box 2/16; STA 2B.c.Box 11/9; STA K.b.Box 5/12

Glover, Sue

  • The Bondagers STA H.q.Box 9/6; STA J.v.Box 8/4
  • The straw chair STA J.s.Box 3/3

Greig, David

  • The architect STA TP 4

Hannan, Chris

  • The baby STA M.a.31; STA TP 9
  • Elizabeth Gordon Quinn STA 2J.i.Box 3/4
  • The evil doers STA M.a.31; STA TP 9
  • Shining souls STA TP 3

Harrower, David

  • Kill the old torture their young STA TP 2

Heggie, Iain

  • American bagpipes STA M.a.35
  • A wholly healthy Glasgow STA 2J.c.Box 8

Kemp, Robert

  • The heart is highland STA H.o.Box 6/4
  • The other dear charmer STA G.i.7

Lochhead, Liz

  • Blood and Ice STA H.o.Box 10/2
  • Mary Queen of Scots got her head chopped off STA J.v.Box 2/6-7
  • Perfect days STA M.c.81

MacDonald, Robert David

  • Chinchilla STA E.w.Box 11/3; STA H.j.13; STA M.a.28
  • Summit conference STA M.a.28
  • A waste of time STA E.p.Box 2/4+5
  • Webster STA E.q.Box 5/12; STA M.a.28

McGrath, John

  • The cheviot, the stag and the black, black oil STA H.h.31; STA M.c.49

McGrath, Tom

  • Animal STA H.p.Box 1/4; STA K.v.Box 10/5-10; STA K.v.Box 11/6-7 (Note these differ from the others)
  • The Hardman STA J.e.Box 1/12; STA J.m.Box 4/11-12; STA Tape 16
  • Laurel and Hardy STA J.e.Box 2/3; STA H.j.77

MacLeish, Robert

  • The Gorbals story STA H.j.24; STA A.r.Box 9/2

McLellan, Robert

  • The flouers o Edinburgh STA H.j.73; STA K.w.Box 1/6; STA 2H.h.59-60
  • The hypocrite STA G.k.1-12
  • Jamie the Saxt STA 2H.i.1-8; STA 2H.h.62-63; STA H.j.73; STA B.v.11-13

McMillan, Roddy

  • All in good faith STA 2J.i.Box 9/1; STA J.e.Box 4/1; STAH.p.3/3
  • The bevelllers STA H.j.44; STA Tape 19-20 (Performance)

Moffat, Graham

  • Bunty pulls the strings STA JLC 1

Morgan, Edwin

  • Cyrano de Bergerac STA M.a.18; STA H.q.Box 9/3

Munro, Rona

  • Bold girls STA M.a.58
  • Your turn to clean the stairs STA J.i.Box 5/7

Pocock, Isaac

  • Rob Roy STA H.j.30; STA G.i.8-23

Reid, Alexander

  • The warld's wonder STA 2G.h.1-12
  • The Lass wi' the muckle mou STA G.b.35-37

Scott, Benedict

  • The lambs of God STA A.r.Box 9/4-5

Stewart, Ena Lamont

  • Men should weep STA H.j.33; STA A.r.Box 10/2+3 (3 is an earlier version); STA Tape 32-33 (Performance)
  • Starched aprons STA A.r.Box 10/4

Taylor, C.P

  • Bread and butter STA J.f.Box 10/7+8; STA J.i.Box 5/3; STA 2G.l.41
  • Good STA M.a.39
  • Operation Elvis STA M.a.39
  • Walter STA H.j.13; STA K.w.Box 8/3; STA Tapes 21-22 (Performance)

Trembley, Michel

  • The guid sisters STA 2J.i.Box 2/7

Trott, Harry

  • U.A.B. STA A.t.Box 3

Watson, T.M.

  • Johnny jouk the gibbet STA G.v.64-75


Books & Periodicals

Title-page from "The Waggle o' the Kilt" STA M.c.42


Allen, Douglas
Culture and the Scottish labour movement STA A.t.Box 3/6

Bannister, Winifred
James Bridie and his theatre STA H.a.10 + 11; STA B.s.3+ 4

Barlow, Priscilla
Wise enough to play the fool STA M.a.51

Cameron, Alasdair
Study guide to Scottish Theatre STA M.b.6

Cameron, Alasdair & Adrienne Scullion
Scottish popular theatre and entertainment STA M.c.31

Campbell, Donald
A brighter sunshine STA H.i.29
Playing for Scotland STA M.c.37

Coveney, Michael
The Citz: 21 years of the Glasgow Citizensí Theatre STA H.k.22

Crawford, Robert and Varty, Anne
Liz Lochheadís voices STA M.a.25

Dibden, J.C.
The annals of the Edinburgh stage
STA H.b.27

Doyle, Paul A
Paul Vincent Carroll STA H.b.29

Findlay, Bill
The history of Scotttish Theatre STA M.c.54; STA TP11

Havergal, Giles
Choosing plays: the conditions of artistic choice at the Citizensí Theatre, Glasgow, 1969-1985 STA H.i.11

Hill, John
Glasgow Unity Theatre: the search for a "Scottish Peopleís Theatre" STA A.r.Box 1/2
Scotland doesnae mean much tae Glesca STA A.r.Box 1/3
Towards a Scottish Peopleís Theatre: the rise and fall of Glasgow Unity STA A.r.Box 1/1

Isaac, W.
Alfred Wareing STA H.i.2

Lockerbie, Ian
Image and identity: theatre and cinema in Scotland and Quebec STA H.h.21

McDonald, Jan & Schumacher, Claude
The Citizensí Theatre Season: Glasgow 1990 STA H.h.15

McDonald, Jan
What is a Citizensí Theatre? STA H.k.Box 4/30

McGrath, John
The bone wonít break STA H.h.2

Mackie, A
The Scotch comedians STA H.i.49

McLennan, Elizabeth
The moon belongs to everyone STA H.h.7

McMillan, Joyce
The Traverse Theatre Story, 1963-1988 STA TP

Mardon, Ernest G.
The conflict between the individual and society in the plays of James Bridie STA H.c.32

Marshalsay, Karen
The waggle oí the kilt: popular theatre and entertainment in Scotland
STA M.c.42
The quest for a truly representative Scottish national drama: the Scottish National Players Thesis 9364

Mavor, Ronald
Dr Mavor and Mr Bridie STA H.i.41

Moffat, Alasdair
The Edinburgh Fringe STAH.e.17; STA H.i.22

Murdoch, Helen
Travelling hopefully STA H.e.20
Small is beautiful: small countries theatre conference STA M.c.57

Oliver, Cordelia
Glasgow Citizens' Theatre, Robert David MacDonald and German drama STA TP 12

Smith, Donald
The Scottish stage: a national theatre company for Scotland STA M.a.22

Stevenson, Randall & Wallace, Gavin
Scottish theatre since the seventies STA M.c.44
The Twelve seasons of the Edinburgh Gateway Company 1953-1956 STA H.c.16+17

Unwin, S, Killick, J & Pollock, A
The Traverse Theatre: 1963-1988 STA H.i.40


Chapman Vol 3. no 1 STA H.i.35

Chapman Vol 4, no 2 STA H.i.7

Chapman 43-44 STA H.i.5

Theatre Scotland STA H.q.Box 9