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Peter Tchaikovsky 1840-1893
Russian composer
MS Lamond
Letter from Peter Tchaikovsky to Frederic Lamond, 17 mai 1892. Sketch of Lamond. Early letters by Lamond
MS Lamond
Autograph scores by Frederic Lamond
MS Lamond Ca13-z.19 - Autographs and letters
Autographs and letters of Frederic Lamond.
MS Lamond Ca13-z.19 - Item: 1
Peter Il'ich Chaykovsky. [Letter from Tchaikovsky to Lamond, dated 17 mai 1892. 1 p. Holograph.] MS. 1892. Letter
MS Lamond Ca13-z.21 - Letters about the Lamond Collection
Letters about the Lamond Collection. [Edited for binding by H.G. Farmer.] 1949-1958.
MS Lamond Ca13-z.21 - Item: 14
Autograph letter, signed, from Irene Lamond to Dr [H.G.] Farmer. Grosvenor Hotel, Chine Crescent, West Cliff, Bournemouth. 18th October 1949.
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