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William Hunter, Book Collector 1983
Exhibition, Glasgow University Library, 14 april-30 September 1983.
MS Hunter - Hunterian Collection
Books and manuscripts from the personal library of William Hunter.
MS Hunter 1-658 - Manuscripts from the library of William Hunter.
Manuscripts from the library of William Hunter.
MS Hunter 4 (S.1.4)
S. Evsebii Hieronymi, Libri de Viris Illvstribvs Capitvlvm XIII [St Jerome's Appreciation of Joesphus in Chapter 13 of Lives of Famous Men];
MS Hunter 10 (S.1.10) - Globvs Coelestis Sinicvs Explicatvs
Theophili (Gottlieb) Siegfried Bayer, Globvs Coelestis Sinicvs Explicatvs.
MS Hunter 40 (T.1.8)
Yahya'bn 'Isa, Ibn Jazlah, Al Baghdadi, Takwimu'l Abdan Fi Tadbiri'l Insan.
MS Hunter 47 (T.2.5) - Historia
Quinti Curtii, Historia.
MS Hunter 60 (T.2.18) - Le Miroir de l'Humaine Salvation
Jehan Mielot, Le Miroir de l'Humaine Salvation. (Incerti Avctoris (?Conradi de Altzheim), Specvlvm Hvmanae Salvationis.)
MS Hunter 133 (T.6.15)
Muhammad Ibn Zakariya, (Abu Bakr), Razi, (Errazi), (i.e. Rases), De Variolis et Morbillis. Arabice.
MS Hunter 208 (U.1.12) - De Casibvs Virorvm et Foeminarvm Illvstrivm Libri IX
Ioannis Boccatii, De Casibvs Virorvm et Foeminarvm Illvstrivm Libri IX. (In Lingvam Gallicam a Lavrentio Premierfait Translati). (Laurence de Premierfait, Les Cas Des Nobles Hommes et Femmes.)
MS Hunter 215 (U.2.6)
Cartvlarivm Prioratvs Sanctae Trinitatis Infra Aldgate Londini.
MS Hunter 229 (U.3.2) - Hunterian Psalter
MS Hunter 242 (U.3.15) - Historia de Tlaxcala
Diego Muņoz Camargo, Historia de Tlaxcala.
MS Hunter 252 (U.4.10) - Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles
15th century French manuscript. A collection of burlesque and licentious tales told at the court of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy. This volume is the only surviving manuscript copy of the text. …
MS Hunter 270 (U.5.10) - Dives et Pavper
Henry Parker, Dives et Pavper.
MS Hunter 364 (V.1.1) - Anatomical Tables
Master John Banister's Anatomical Tables, with Figures. The paintings comprise a portrait of Banister delivering an anatomical lecture at the Barber-Surgeons' Hall …
MS Hunter 364 (V.1.1) - Item: Frontispiece - Anatomical tables
Painted figure from Master John Banister, Anatomical Tables. Dissection scene.
MS Hunter 370 (V.1.7) - Decas Tertia
Titi Livii Patavini, Decas Tertia.
MS Hunter 374 (V.1.11) - De Consolatione Philosophiae cvm Commento
Anicii Manlii Torqvati Severini Boetii, De Consolatione Philosophiae cvm Commento.
MS Hunter 409 (V.3.7) - The Romaunt of the Rose
15th century English manuscript of Geoffrey Chaucer's The Romaunt of the Rose, an allegorical poem on the art of love. The only extant manuscript copy of this work.
MS Hunter 475 (V.7.2)
Officivm Matrimonii Sancti. Graece.
MS Hunter 492 (V.7.19) - Atlante Portolano
Baptista Agnese, di Genova, Atlante Portolano.
MS Hunter 653 (Dl.1.29)
Anatomical drawings by Pietro da Cortona.
MS Hunter 654 (Dl.1.27)
Set of 25 obstetrical drawings by Jan van Rymsdyk for William Smellie's obstetrical tables [with other drawings by another hand].
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