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John Brownlee 1868-1927
Physician Superintendent, City of Glasgow Fever Hospital, Ruchill, Glasgow.
MS Hunter - Hunterian Collection
Books and manuscripts from the personal library of William Hunter.
Hunterian Add. - Posthumous additions
Printed books and manuscripts relevant to the personal library of William Hunter acquired since 1968.
Hunterian Add. q86
Autograph letter, signed, from R.A. Fisher to Dr [John] Brownlee. Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden, 192-.
MS Gen 535
Eyewitness accounts of the Glasgow earthquake, 1910, collected by J.W. Gregory.
MS Gen 535/62
Typescript letter, signed, from John Brownlee to Professor J.W. Gregory. City of Glasgow Fever Hospital, Ruchill, Glasgow 24 December 1910. Response to Professor …
MS, Photo or printed book
An artificial collection comprising material located in or removed from printed books in Special Collections, acquired from various sources.
MS Gen 537/79
Graphs of scarlet fever notifications and deaths in Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Manchester. Various periods, 1840-1922. Drawn by John Brownlee.
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