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William Jaffé 1898-fl.1963
Professor of Economics, Northwestern University
MS Gen 1517 - Papers of Alec Lawrence Macfie
Papers of Alec Lawrence MacFie.
MS Gen 1643/22 - Biography and economic analysis
Biography and economic analysis, by William Jaffé. Reprinted from The western economic journal, vol. 3, no. 3, summer, 1965.
MS Gen 1643/223 - Walras' theory of tâtonnement: a critique of recent interpretations
Walras' theory of tâtonnement : a critique of recent interpretations, by William Jaffé. Reprinted from the journal of political economy, vol.75, no.1, February 1967
MS Gen 1643/231 - Pareto, translated : a review article
Pareto translated : a review article, by William Jaffé. Reprinted from The journal of economic literature, volume 10, Number 4, December 1972.
MS Gen 1643/243 - Importance of Leon Walras
The importance of Leon Walras, William Jaffé. Reprinted from unidentified source. [s.d.]
MS Gen 1643/260 - Cahiers vilfredo Pareto
Cahiers Vilfredo Pareto, Revue européenne d'histoire des sciences sociales, no. 3, 1964. With article by William Jaffé, New ligth on an old quarrel, barone's unpublished …
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