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MS Gen 1685 - Darien manuscripts
Album of letters and a map, relating to the Darien Scheme. The letters are between various correspondents and written in various locations in Scotland, the Americas and on board ships.
Contains the following:
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 1
Darien Scheme. Letter from Patrick Campbell to Lieut. Col. John Areskine [Erskine], Governor of Dunbarton Castle, dated London 26 October 1699. Gives an account …
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 2
Darien Scheme. Letter from Sam. Vetch [to unnamed correspondent], dated New York, May 1, 1700
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 3
Darien Scheme. Letter from Sam. Vetch [to unnamed correspondent], dated New York, Sept. 30, 1699
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 4
Darien Scheme. Letter from Robert Turnbull, on board the Ann of Caledonia, to Colonell Ersken, Governour of Stirling Castell at his lodging in Edr., Septr. 21, 1699
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 5
Darien Scheme. Letter from Lieut. Robert Turnbull, dated febry 1700, to "Dear Cusson."
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 6
Darien Scheme. Letter from Robert Turnbull to Colonell John Erskin, Governour of the Castle of Stirling at his lodgings Edr., dated America, ffort of St. Andrew in Caladonia, 11th Apryll 1699
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 7
Darien Scheme. Contemporary copy of A short account of our voaye into Darien, and yt happned after we came to the place. 1699
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 8
Darien Scheme. The Court of Directors of the Company of Scotland trading to Africa and the Indies [call to William Smith to go to Caledonia with the men ready to …
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 9
Darien Scheme. Letter from Thomas Drummond, dated Fort St. Andrew, Feb. 1, 1700, to some person in authority in Scotland (probably Colonel Erskine)
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 10
Darien Scheme. Instrument in favour of Captain John Baillie, dated 7th June, 1699.
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 11
Darien Scheme. Unsigned and unfinished letter dated ffort St. Andrew, April ye 11th 1699. The writing seems to be that of William Paterson
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 12
Darien Scheme. Letter from A. Stobo, dated Febr. 1, 1700, one board ye Hop of Borrowstownness rideing in Caledonia Bay in America
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 13
Darien Scheme. Letter from Fra. Hislope to Capt. Blakeder [Blackader] in Coll. ffergusons Regiment to be left at the Affrican copy-house in Edenburg, dated at head: …
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 14
Darien Scheme. Letter from William Hutchisone to Collonell John Arskine [Erskine], Governor of Dumbarton Castle to be found at his lodging in Edinburgh, dated Port …
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 15
Darien Scheme. Appears to be a neat [contemporary?] copy of an unfinished letter or diary headed: From on board the Rising Sun in Caledonia Bay Decr: 25th 1699. …
MS Gen 1685 - Item: 16
Darien Scheme. Plano del Puerto de la Calidonia hasta la Isla de Pinos. Con todas sus Islas, Bajos, y Plazeras, y la demostracion de la tierra mirada a distancia de los leguas al sudoeste.
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