Associated Accessions

MS Paterson - James Paterson Museum Archive
Archives of the James Paterson Museum, Moniaive.
Contains the following Accessions:
Apr 2003 - MS Paterson - James Paterson Collection
Archives of the James Paterson Museum, Moniaive.
Jan 2004 - MS Paterson FPA
Colour photographs by Lance Cooper of pages from an album of photographs by James Paterson.
Jan 2004 - MS Paterson TA1 - Accession register
Accession register, James Paterson Museum.
May 2004 - MS Paterson EX
Photographs of James Paterson Museum, Moniaive.
Sep 2004 - MS Paterson FQQ
Digital copies of photographs and other documents relating to Hamish Paterson from an album in a private collection.
Oct 2004 - MS Paterson TZ
Card catalogue of reference library, James Paterson Museum.
Apr 2009 - MS Paterson
Family photographs (19th-20th centuries), some historical material and correspondence, reference and administrative material from the museum, some publications.
Apr 2016 - MS Paterson
Diaries, sketchbooks, notebooks, books, photographic albums and a medal created or owned by James Paterson, along with various publications, inventory lists kept by the James Paterson Museum.
Jun 2016 - MS Paterson
Newsletters of the James Paterson Museum Moniaive, 1995-2004.
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