Content of the Item MS Hunter 424 (V.4.8)

MS Hunter 424 (V.4.8)
Plvtarchi, Vitae Parallelae. Graece.
Contains the following:
MS Hunter 424 (V.4.8) - Item: 1 - Vitae Parallelae
Plvtarchi, Vitae Parallelae. Graece.
MS Hunter 424 (V.4.8) - Item: 2 - Epigramma
Incerti Avctoris, Epigramma. Graece.
MS Hunter 424 (V.4.8) - Item: 3 - Epigramma in Plvtarchi Statvam
Agathiae Myrinaei, Epigramma in Plvtarchi Statvam. Graece. Cum translatione Victoris Falconii.
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