Associated Accessions

MS Hunter - Hunterian Collection
Books and manuscripts from the personal library of William Hunter.
Contains the following Accessions:
Unknown Date - MS Hunter 172
Koran. 1057 A.H. (i.e. 1647/8). In Arabic.
Unknown Date - MS Hunter H115A
Letter from J. Gadderar to W. Hunter
Unknown Date - MS Hunter H127.1
Letter from J. Camper to W. Hunter. 24-3-1773
Unknown Date - MS Hunter H127.3-127.4
Letter from W. Smellie to Dr. Clephane, 1 July 1758
Unknown Date - MS Hunter H226.2
Letter from W. Hayes to Wm. Hunter. N.D.
Unknown Date - MS Hunter H226.3
Letter from E. O'Reilly to W. Hunter, 24 June 1776.
Unknown Date - MS Hunter H226.4
Letter from Brown to Wm. Hunter
Unknown Date - MS Hunter H226.5
Card from Dean of Exeter to Dr. Hunter
Unknown Date - MS Hunter H46A
Letter from S. De Wilde to Wm. Hunter
Unknown Date - MS Hunter H90.1
Letter from a pupil to W. Hunter.
Dec 1807 - MS Hunter
Manuscripts from the personal library of William Hunter (1718-1783). Around two thirds are medieval or Renaissance in origin and over 100 of the remainder are oriental …
Dec 1807 - MS Hunter B
Chinese and other oriental books and manuscripts, including palmleaf books in Tamil and Telugu, notes on oriental history and philology, and correspondence with …
Dec 1807 - MS Hunter D - Douglas papers
Papers of James Douglas.
Dec 1807 - MS Hunter H - Hunter papers
Papers of William Hunter.
Nov 1810 - MS Hunter 85 (T.4.2)
Jun 1813 - MS Hunter 168 (T.7.27)
Koran. In Arabic. Undated.
Jan 1828 - MS Hunter 469 (V.6.19)
Aloisio Camilleri, Relazione del Viaggio da Malta alle Spagne nel Anno 1701.
Mar 1852 - MS Hunter 493
Biblia Sacra
Sep 1937 - MS Hunter H127b
Letter from Tobias Smollett to Wm. Hunter, 15 October 1750
Oct 1946 - MS Hunter 614a (S.7.18)
Copy of part of a course of Doctor Hunter's lectures, taken by Mr Furness.
Jul 1962 - MS Hunter H485/1
Photocopy of the plan, by Robert Mylne, of W. Hunter's Great Windmill Street premises from a collection of Mylne drawings belonging to Sir Albert Richardson.
Dec 1983 - Hunterian Add. f77
Shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa brgyad ston pa.
Mar 1988 - Hunterian Add. q76
A catalogue of 72 gold medals … bought by Doctor Mead … 11th November 1734.
Jun 1994 - Hunterian Add q65-67
Correspondence of Dr William Hunter, edited by C.H. Brock, 1993
Jul 2004 - Hunterian Add. f91 - Lectura super digesti infortiati
Commentaria in primam partem infortiati. By Bartolus de Saxoferrato.
Nov 2015 - MS Hunter H543 - Dr Hunter's Certificate
Manuscript copy of certificate written by William Hunter, dated 31 Jan 1772, countering a report that Miss Anna Montagu was a hermaphrodite.
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