Associated Accessions

MS Morgan Add - Additional Morgan papers
Material relating to the poet Edwin Morgan, but not acquired as part of his personal archive (MS Morgan).
Contains the following Accessions:
Dec 1996 - MS Morgan Add
Letter from Edwin Morgan to Colin Huggett. 3 Aug.1989
Feb 2011 - MS Morgan Add
Letter from Edwin Morgan, 1 June 1989. Refers to poem 'In the Snack Bar'.
Apr 2011 - MS Morgan Add
Bundle of material including postcards from Edwin Morgan to Allan Shearer, 1947-1968, brief letter (1973) regarding dedication of Whittrick poems, handwritten copy …
Jun 2011 - MS Morgan Add
Black and white portrait photograph of Edwin Morgan. Taken on his 89th birthday (at an event at the Scottish Poetry Library).
Dec 2011 - MS Morgan Add - Portrait photographs of Edwin Morgan
Side portraits of Edwin Morgan c 2009. Head and shoulders, slightly different views.
Dec 2012 - MS Morgan Add - CD of 'Schweben. Ay, but can ye?'
CD of 'Schweben. Ay, but can ye?' composed and directed by Barry Guy. Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. Published 2012.
Mar 2013 - MS Morgan Add - Material relating to Edwin Morgan poem
Copy of 'Valediction' score by Iain Hamilton incorporating 'Farewell to Fred' by Edwin Morgan. With related material including programme for retiral presentation for Professor F Rimmer, 4 May 1980.
Mar 2013 - MS Morgan Add - Time Passing by Barry Guy
Music score by Barry Guy, incorporating extracts of poems by Edwin Morgan and Kerry Hardie and text by Samuel Beckett. Includes synopsis of the work.
May 2013 - MS Morgan Add
Guten Morgan: 6 poem prints by Edwin Morgan; Poster of The Chaffinch Map of Scotland.
Nov 2013 - MS Morgan Add
Includes brief correspondence between Rolfe and Morgan regarding Fred Rimmer's retirement event (1980), 3 typescript poems (copies, annotated with 'EM'): 'Warning …
Feb 2014 - MS Morgan Add - Time Passing by Barry Guy
Programme for Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2013; CD of recording of 'Time Passing' by Barry Guy with Camerata Zurich, 17 November 2013.
Nov 2014 - MS Morgan Add - Material relating to retiral of Professor Fred Rimmer, 1980
Copy correspondence between Stella Money, Ian Rolfe, Iain Hamilton and Edwin Morgan regarding performance of 'Requiem' by Hamilton and 'Farewell to Fred' at retiral event of Fred Rimmer (1980).
Nov 2015 - MS Morgan Add - Spirit of the Place.
A dramatic song cycle for mezzo-soprano, soprano and piano (concertante!) on poems by Edwin Morgan. 7 song texts with musical settings.
Feb 2016 - MS Morgan Add - Time Passing by Barry Guy
Compact Disc of music score by Barry Guy which includes extracts from work by Edwin Morgan, Kerry Hardie and Samuel Beckett. Includes insert with disc and booklet …
Oct 2016 - MS Morgan Add - Brighton Festival streamers
Two green cards or 'streamers' measuring 36.8cm wide by 15.3cm in height, with three words printed on one side. Streamers were created by Edwin Morgan and commissioned …
Nov 2016 - MS Morgan Add - The 8th Door by Lliam Paterson
Score. The 8th Door, for six amplified voices and orchestra, by Lliam Paterson. Based on Poetry by Endre Ady, Judit Frigyesi, Attila József, Edwin Morgan & Sándor Weöres. …
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