Associated Series

MS Gen 1595 - Papers of Alasdair Gray relating to 'Lanark'
Manuscript and typescript notes, drafts, galley and page proofs of 'Lanark: a life in four books' (first published 1981) by Alasdair Gray. Numerous drawings and sketches throughout the papers. …
Contains the following Series:
MS Gen 1595/1 - Drafts: Notebooks
Drafts of Lanark in various notebooks. Mainly manuscript. Most of the notebooks include drawings.
MS Gen 1595/2 - Drafts: Arranged by Book and Chapter
Manuscript and typescript. Arranged by Book and Chapter (eg MS Gen 1595/2/1/13a-d are drafts of Book 1, Chapter 13)
MS Gen 1595/3 - Drafts: Grouped by Folder
Mainly typescripts of individual chapters. Grouped with the original card folders (annotated by Alasdair Gray) they were filed in.
MS Gen 1595/4 - Drafts: Miscellanous
Includes drafts of non-Lanark works and drafts of letters from Gray to others. A few drawings.
MS Gen 1595/5 - Proofs
Mainly proofs of Lanark. Some annotations by Alasdair Gray.
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