Content of the Collection MS Gen 1774

MS Gen 1774 - Baird/Clapp Archive
Material relating to John Logie Baird's first transmission of trans-Atlantic television pictures, including shellac phonovision disk and logbooks of Benjamin Clapp, Baird's technical assistant.
Contains the following:
MS Gen 1774/1
Station Log from Clapp's transmission station G2KZ, with entries dating from 23rd May 1926 to 15th February 1928; preprinted leaves with log of each message sent …
MS Gen 1774/2
Station Log from Benjamin Clapp's New York transmission station 2CVJ from 31 October 1927 to 30 January 1928.
MS Gen 1774/3
Phonovision disc, matrix SWT 515-4, recorded and pressed by the Columbia Gramophone Company, dated 29/9/19[27], on behalf of John Logie Baird. One of five surviving …
MS Gen 1774/4
Collection of material including Benjamin Clapp's expenses diary for 1928 (notes include key to secret communication codes, addresses and circuit diagrams); correspondence …
MS Gen 1774/5
Collection of material including correspondence and ephemera 1913-1928 regarding Clapp's involvement with radio and television development, including transatlantic broadcast.
MS Gen 1774/6
Morse Key belonging to Benjamin Clapp and used for communication with John Logie Baird.
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