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Name: William Cullen
Dates: 1710-1790
Notes: Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Glasgow, 1747-1751.
Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Glasgow, 1751-1755.
Professor of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, 1756.
Professor of the Institutes of Medicine, University of Edinburgh.
Professor of the Theory of Physic, University of Edinburgh, 1766-1789.
Born 15 April 1710.
Died 5 February 1790.
[See: D.N.B.; Douglas Guthrie, 'William Cullen, M.D., and his times', An eighteenth century lectureship in chemistry: essays and bicentenary addresses relating to the Chemistry Department (1747) of Glasgow University (1451), ed. Andrew Kent (Glasgow, 1950), pp 49-65; John Thomson, An account of the life, lectures, and writings of William Cullen, M.D (Edinburgh, 1859).]
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