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Name: William Thomson Baron Kelvin of Largs
Dates: 1824-1907
Notes: Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of Glasgow, 1846-1899.
Student, University of Glasgow, 1834-1841.
B.A., University of Cambridge, 1845.
Fellow of St Peter's College, Cambridge.
Member of Board, Atlantic Telegraph Co., 1857-1858.
Partner in Thomson, Varley and Jenkin, 1865-1883; Thomson and Jenkin, 1883-1885.
President, Royal Society, 1890-1895.
Son of James Thomson (1786-1849) and Margaret Gardner (c.1790-1830).
Married (1) Margaret Crum (1827-1870),1852, (2) Frances Anna Blandy (1837-1916), 24 June 1874.
Lived at Netherhall, Largs, 1875-1907 (land purchased October 1874).
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