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Name: Francis John MacCunn
Dates: 1888-1915
Notes: Born in Liverpool. Son of John MacCunn and Florence Anne Sellar (d 1939). A cousin of the composer Hamish MacCunn. Studied at the University of Oxford. Assistant, Department of History, University of Glasgow, 1912-1914. Author of The contemporary English view of Napoleon (London: Bell, 1914).
He served during WWI as a Captain, 6th Battalion Cameron Highlanders, 1914-1915. Killed at Battle of Loos, 26 September 1915.
[See The University of Glasgow Story ; MacCunn family tree appears in Jamieson, Alasdair (2007) The music of Hamish MacCunn (1868-1916): a critical study, Durham theses, Durham University. Accessed 1/12/16 at Durham E-Theses Online: ]
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