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Name: William Speirs Bruce
Dates: 1867-1921
Notes: Polar explorer.
Surgeon, 'Balaena', Dundee Whalers Antarctic Expedition, 1892-1893.
Director, Ben Nevis Observatory, 1894-1896.
Naturalist, Jackson-Harmsworth Arctic Expedition to Franz Josef Land, 1896-1897.
'Blencathra', Andrew Coats Arctic expedition, 1898.
'Princess Alice', Prince of Monaco expedition, 1898-1899.
Leader, Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 1902-1904.
Established Scottish Oceanographical Laboratory, Edinburgh, 1907; closed 1920.
Leader, Scottish expeditions to Spitzbergen, 1906-1919.
Manager, whaling station, Seychelles, 1914-1915.
Born London, 1 August 1867.
Ll.D., University of Aberdeen, 1907.
Married Jessie Mackenzie, 1901.
Died Edinburgh, 28 October 1921.
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