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Name: Sir Alexander Kirkland Cairncross
Dates: 1911-1998
Notes: Professor of Applied Economics, University of Glasgow, 1950-1960.
Economic Adviser to Treasury, London, 1961-1969.
Master, St Peter's College, Oxford, 1969-1978.
Chancellor, University of Glasgow, 1972-1997.
[See: C.A. Caine, 'Sir Alec Cairncross', St Peter's College Record, 1999, pp 65-66; A.K. Cairncross, Living with the century (1999); A.K. Cairncross, The Wilson years: a Treasury diary, 1964-1969 (London, 1997); Sir William Kerr Fraser, 'Sir Alexander Cairncross, 1911-1998', Avenue: the magazine for graduates and friends of the University of Glasgow, no. 25, Jan. 1999, p. 2; Who's who]
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