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Call Number: MS Gen 1376/15    Item: Insert 2
Title: War relics for Cameron Highlanders
Date of Creation: 1937
Place of Creation: Glasgow, Scotland
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Gen 1376/15
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Content: War relics for Cameron Highlanders: press cutting from an unidentified source, illustrated by a photograph. Caption states: Captain A.J. Campbell-Colquhoun presenting to the 6th Cameron Highlanders' Reunion Club in the Grand Hotel, Glasgow, the Mazingarbe Bell mounted with a piece of the Lone Tree, a well-known landmark near the front line of the Loos salient. The group includes Sergeant James Watt (who accepted the relics), Lieutenant-Colonel Norman Macleaod, Captain H. Rowan, R.M.S. Scotland, and Mr George Kerr. [The presentation took place at the Annual Reunion dinner on Saturday, 13th February, 1937].
Physical Description: 1 press cutting.
Access: Normal conditions
Language: English
Material Type: Press cutting
Accession Number: 2574
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Repository Code: GB 0247

Names associated with this item:

subject: 6th Battalion Cameron Highlanders Reunion Club
subject: Archibald J. Campbell Colquhoun fl.1915-1957
Captain of the 6th Battalion Cameron Highlanders. Joinced England 12/2/15; wounded 26/9/15 at Loos; rejoined 4/12/15; hospitalised 14/3/16; rejoined 8/4/16; hospitalised 10/5/16. …
subject: Great Britain. Army. 6th Cameron Highlanders
subject: George Kerr fl.1914-1975
Soldier of the 6th Battalion Cameron Highlanders. Later secretary of the battalion reunion club.
subject: Norman MacLeod fl.1914-d.1960
Lieutenant-Colonel of the 6th Battalion, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. Transferred to command the battalion from the 7th Battalion, 11/6/18. Subsequently gassed and rejoined. …
subject: H.B. Rowan fl.1914-d.1957
Captain of the 6th Battalion, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. Joined as Lieutenant, 22/9/1914. Transport Captain, 26/9/1915. Mentioned in Despatches.
subject: Jamie Watt fl.1914-d.1946
Machine-gun sergeant of the 6th Battalion, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders.
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